Founded by Lucas Winzenburg in 2012, Bunyan Velo is a collection of photographs, essays, and stories celebrating the simple pleasures of traveling by bicycle.


Bunyan Velo // Issue No. 07

Release date: October 3, 2017

Pages: 200

Contents: Mikkel Soya Bølstad, Crust; Joe Cruz, When The Sky; Zach Dolinaj, Onward to a Wildfire; Colt Fetters, Tea Shop Touring; Alex Gandy, A Dress Rehearsal; Dakota Graff, Pint Dreams; Marius Nilsen, Hall of the Mountain King; Ben Page, Four is Better Than Two; Sarah Swallow, The Inaugural Ride; Morgan Taylor, Homecoming; Eric Timmerman and Olivia Cuenca, Zanskar; Franziska Wernsing and Jona Riechmann, From A to P

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Bunyan Velo // Issue No. 06

Release date: May 2, 2016

Pages: 200

ContentsSkyler Des Roches, The Desert Speaks in Clouds; Carl Gauger, Nebraska; Cass Gilbert, Sage’s Casita Campout; Donnie Kolb, Kiger Gap; Matt McLoone, GDMBR; Beth Puliti, Gold Teeth & Dirt Roads; Mark Reimer, Snowbound; Joachim Rosenlund, Through the Viewfinder; Mark Sirek, Location Sensors; Josh Spice, Knik Glacier; Logan Watts, No Winter; Lael Wilcox, Camels on Wheels

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Bunyan Velo 05 Cover

Bunyan Velo // Issue No. 05

Release date: February 2, 2015

Pages: 200

Contents: Johan Björklund, Four Seasons in Sweden; Joe Cruz, South Africa Across; Brett Davis and Joey Parent, Iceland: Land of Fire, Ice, and Fat Bikes; Eszter Horanyi and Glenn Charles, Forging Friendships by Fire; Leah Johnson and Lucas Winzenburg, Oregon Outback; Paul Krahn and Kyle Thomas, A Better Faith; Ryan Krueger, Lost Coast; Mark Reimer, Operacion Muerto; Russ Roca, Of Fish and Gravel; Gabriel Amadeus Tiller, Lost in Idaho; Logan Watts, Silence; Ben Weaver, Bike Shack

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Bunyan Velo 04 Cover

Bunyan Velo // Issue No. 04

Release date: February 26, 2014

Pages: 200 

Contents: Gabriel Amadeus, It's Always Sunny in The Dalles; Nicholas Carman, Last Chance, Arizona; Glenn Charles, Bikepacking Morocco; Przemek Duszynski, I'm Happy and I'm Riding and a 1,2,3,4...; Anna Edmonds, To Woo a Hiker; Gabe Ehlert, Seeking States; Daniel Enns, Prairie Sojourn; Jeffrey G. Frane, The Bottoms; Cass Gilbert, This is not the Gringo Trail; Paul Henry Moore, Outside Looking In; Rob Perks, #coffeeoutside; Dan Powell, Foreverscape; Logan Watts and Virginia Krabill, Wanderland; Lael Wilcox, Červenec in Czech

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Bunyan Velo 03 Cover

Bunyan Velo // Issue No. 03

Release date: October 02, 2013

Pages: 148

Contents: Isaiah Berg, Small World of the High One; Jason Boucher, Bikepacking the Kenai Coast; Jason Britton, A Three Day Adventure in the Old West; Nicholas Carman, Chasing Red and White; Jonathan Cromwell, The Desert Tour; Hurl Everstone, Almanzo 100 and the Rise of Gravel Racing; Ben Hovland, Claiming Space; Aaron Ortiz, Lost in the Wind; Kevin Tweed, The Bicycle Cure; Tom Walwyn, A Line in the Sand; Logan Watts, An Impromptu Journey

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Bunyan Velo 02 Cover

Bunyan Velo // Issue No. 02

Release date: May 28, 2013

Pages: 144

Contents:  Glenn Charles, Winter Wonderland; Joe Cruz, Solitude and Misery; Alex Dunn, Letters from Alex, pt. 2; Steve Fabes, My Tribe; Cass Gilbert, The Simple Pleasures; Casey Greene, Lookouts of the Northern Rockies; Carrie Harvilla, benightment; Nick Hormuth and Lindy Patterson, Plan & Pedal; Derek McIntire, Nyungwe; Daniel Molloy, Touring on Top of the World; Donnie Kolb, Searching for Sasquatch; Beth Willard, Argentina: Pampas and Perceptions; Amaya Williams, Three Views of New Zealand; Katrina Wollet, Little Gems  

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Bunyan Velo 01 Cover

Bunyan Velo // Issue No. 01

Release date: February 20, 2013

Pages: 112

Contents: Isaiah Berg, Bound SouthNicholas Carman, Rio Grande and Route 66; Alex Dunn, Letters From AlexCass Gilbert, No Stone Left UnturnedChris Klibowitz, The Bicycle Shop Decal Project; Jacqueline Kutvirt, The Greatest Lakes; Natalia Mendez, Of Rust and Rubber; John Moon, Paying It Forward; Aaron Ortiz, Le Farm; Kurt Refsnider, The Sacrifices of Racing; Chris Skogen, The Beauty of Youth; Karl Stoerzinger, How I Spent My Day Off; Jim Thill, On Bicycle Touring; Jen Tillman, Fireman's Breakfast; Bradley Wilson, Tuesday, Jan. 29

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