Founded by Lucas Winzenburg and published between 2013-2017, Bunyan Velo is a collection of photographs, essays, and stories that celebrate the simple pleasures of traveling by bicycle. As of 2018, Bunyan Velo has been reborn as The Bikepacking Journal. learn more here.  


Bunyan Velo // Issue No. 07

Release date: October 3, 2017

Pages: 200

Contents: Mikkel Soya Bølstad, Crust; Joe Cruz, When The Sky; Zach Dolinaj, Onward to a Wildfire; Colt Fetters, Tea Shop Touring; Alex Gandy, A Dress Rehearsal; Dakota Graff, Pint Dreams; Marius Nilsen, Hall of the Mountain King; Ben Page, Four is Better Than Two; Sarah Swallow, The Inaugural Ride; Morgan Taylor, Homecoming; Eric Timmerman and Olivia Cuenca, Zanskar; Franziska Wernsing and Jona Riechmann, From A to P

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Bunyan Velo // Issue No. 06

Release date: May 2, 2016

Pages: 200

ContentsSkyler Des Roches, The Desert Speaks in Clouds; Carl Gauger, Nebraska; Cass Gilbert, Sage’s Casita Campout; Donnie Kolb, Kiger Gap; Matt McLoone, GDMBR; Beth Puliti, Gold Teeth & Dirt Roads; Mark Reimer, Snowbound; Joachim Rosenlund, Through the Viewfinder; Mark Sirek, Location Sensors; Josh Spice, Knik Glacier; Logan Watts, No Winter; Lael Wilcox, Camels on Wheels

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Bunyan Velo 05 Cover

Bunyan Velo // Issue No. 05

Release date: February 2, 2015

Pages: 200

Contents: Johan Björklund, Four Seasons in Sweden; Joe Cruz, South Africa Across; Brett Davis and Joey Parent, Iceland: Land of Fire, Ice, and Fat Bikes; Eszter Horanyi and Glenn Charles, Forging Friendships by Fire; Leah Johnson and Lucas Winzenburg, Oregon Outback; Paul Krahn and Kyle Thomas, A Better Faith; Ryan Krueger, Lost Coast; Mark Reimer, Operacion Muerto; Russ Roca, Of Fish and Gravel; Gabriel Amadeus Tiller, Lost in Idaho; Logan Watts, Silence; Ben Weaver, Bike Shack

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Bunyan Velo 04 Cover

Bunyan Velo // Issue No. 04

Release date: February 26, 2014

Pages: 200 

Contents: Gabriel Amadeus, It's Always Sunny in The Dalles; Nicholas Carman, Last Chance, Arizona; Glenn Charles, Bikepacking Morocco; Przemek Duszynski, I'm Happy and I'm Riding and a 1,2,3,4...; Anna Edmonds, To Woo a Hiker; Gabe Ehlert, Seeking States; Daniel Enns, Prairie Sojourn; Jeffrey G. Frane, The Bottoms; Cass Gilbert, This is not the Gringo Trail; Paul Henry Moore, Outside Looking In; Rob Perks, #coffeeoutside; Dan Powell, Foreverscape; Logan Watts and Virginia Krabill, Wanderland; Lael Wilcox, Červenec in Czech

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Bunyan Velo 03 Cover

Bunyan Velo // Issue No. 03

Release date: October 02, 2013

Pages: 148

Contents: Isaiah Berg, Small World of the High One; Jason Boucher, Bikepacking the Kenai Coast; Jason Britton, A Three Day Adventure in the Old West; Nicholas Carman, Chasing Red and White; Jonathan Cromwell, The Desert Tour; Hurl Everstone, Almanzo 100 and the Rise of Gravel Racing; Ben Hovland, Claiming Space; Aaron Ortiz, Lost in the Wind; Kevin Tweed, The Bicycle Cure; Tom Walwyn, A Line in the Sand; Logan Watts, An Impromptu Journey

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Bunyan Velo 02 Cover

Bunyan Velo // Issue No. 02

Release date: May 28, 2013

Pages: 144

Contents:  Glenn Charles, Winter Wonderland; Joe Cruz, Solitude and Misery; Alex Dunn, Letters from Alex, pt. 2; Steve Fabes, My Tribe; Cass Gilbert, The Simple Pleasures; Casey Greene, Lookouts of the Northern Rockies; Carrie Harvilla, benightment; Nick Hormuth and Lindy Patterson, Plan & Pedal; Derek McIntire, Nyungwe; Daniel Molloy, Touring on Top of the World; Donnie Kolb, Searching for Sasquatch; Beth Willard, Argentina: Pampas and Perceptions; Amaya Williams, Three Views of New Zealand; Katrina Wollet, Little Gems  

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Bunyan Velo 01 Cover

Bunyan Velo // Issue No. 01

Release date: February 20, 2013

Pages: 112

Contents: Isaiah Berg, Bound SouthNicholas Carman, Rio Grande and Route 66; Alex Dunn, Letters From AlexCass Gilbert, No Stone Left UnturnedChris Klibowitz, The Bicycle Shop Decal Project; Jacqueline Kutvirt, The Greatest Lakes; Natalia Mendez, Of Rust and Rubber; John Moon, Paying It Forward; Aaron Ortiz, Le Farm; Kurt Refsnider, The Sacrifices of Racing; Chris Skogen, The Beauty of Youth; Karl Stoerzinger, How I Spent My Day Off; Jim Thill, On Bicycle Touring; Jen Tillman, Fireman's Breakfast; Bradley Wilson, Tuesday, Jan. 29

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