Guest Gallery: Johan Björklund by Lucas Winzenburg

Johan Björklund is a librarian and ride organizer from Vänersborg, Sweden. I stumbled upon his work earlier this year and it has been one of my obsessions ever since. Johan’s photos of the quiet roads, landscapes, and animals near his home in the south of Sweden are ethereal and enchanting. I couldn’t be more pleased to share a selection of them in this week’s guest gallery.

Follow Johan on Instagram here, and look for more of his work in the fifth issue of Bunyan Velo!

Guest Gallery: Erik Mathy by Lucas Winzenburg

My friend Erik Mathy first picked up a camera when his mom handed him her Pentax K1000 back in high school. Photography quickly became an obsession for him and he decided to study photojournalism at the Rochester Institute Technology. Erik went on to work in the offices of Magnum NY, as a freelance snowboard photographer in Maine, and as a staffer on the 24 Hours in Cyberspace project, but ultimately took a long hiatus from photography, opting to ride bikes instead.

Years later, Erik picked up cameras again after meeting and being influenced by guys like Jason Boucher, Errin Vasquez, and Eric Benjamin. Most recently, Erik has been revisiting his first love by shooting entirely on 35mm film. He's happy to be capturing beautiful places on film while spending time with good friends. 

Find more of Erik's photos on his Exposure site, here.

Rainy Overnighter by Lucas Winzenburg

A few Fridays ago, a dozen of us made plans to meet after work to ride 35 miles from Minneapolis to Afton State Park for an overnight camping trip to kick off Labor Day weekend.

Thunder, lightning, and heavy rain came crashing down about an hour before our predetermined meeting time. One by one, the texts and emails came rolling in the thought of being soaking wet for 24 hours was enough to turn away most of the group.

And so we were four, intent on getting out for the night. Our small group quickly made a new plan and took advantage of a short break in the weather to ride six or seven miles along the Minnesota River Bottoms to seek shelter for the night under one of our favorite bridges.

It seems that riding is rarely the focus of bikepacking trips, and that was particularly true on this occasion. Though things didn't go as planned, we made the best of the situation, roasting corn and marshmallows on the fire, falling asleep to the sound of rain pouring on the bridge above, and taking time to enjoy a sunny morning over coffee and breakfast before riding back to the city to begin our hectic weekends. 

Tuesday Night CX Portraits by Lucas Winzenburg

A handful of portraits from the first Twin Six Tuesday Night CX race of the season, held at Aquila Park in St. Louis Park, MN. I arrived midway through the last race of the night, Elite/Advanced, and stayed just long enough to spill most of my beer and fire the first few shots through my new Fuji X-Pro1. See you next Tuesday!

Guest Gallery: Stefan Rohner by Lucas Winzenburg

I’ve been appreciating German photographer Stefan Rohner’s beautiful work for a while now, and I’m thrilled to share some of his images in this space. Stefan was born in Uberlingen, on the shores of Lake Constance, and moved to Berlin in his 20s where he became known for creating large-scale oil paintings. He later worked as a documentary photographer, traveling extensively throughout places like Morocco and India. He currently lives in Ibiza and works as a full-time professional photographer, shooting mostly portrait, landscape, and street photography.

Earlier this summer, Stefan took off on a three-week trip through rural Hungary and Romania. Departing from the Hungarian flatlands, he and a friend rode across the rolling hills of Transylvania and into the Făgăraș Mountains, always opting for the quietest roads they could find. These quiet and remote roads led them to isolated farming villages where people seemed fully self-sufficient. His traveling companion was unable to continue the journey after breaking his hip in a serious crash. After spending several days in the hospital together, they both decided that Stefan should pedal on alone. Despite not knowing the language, he found his way across the rural landscape thanks to the kind and friendly people he encountered along the way.

You can find Stefan’s portfolio here and see the rest of his images from Romania here.

2014 Powderhorn 24 by Lucas Winzenburg

The Powderhorn 24 is an annual event in Minneapolis that brings together cyclists, residents, volunteers, and spectators for a 24-hour ride and celebration of the Powderhorn community in South Minneapolis. Thanks to everyone who came out for another great year!

Guest Gallery: Brent Knepper by Lucas Winzenburg

Using Amtrak to travel around the Western US, Chicago photographer Brent Knepper started Railpass as a 15-day train trip to circle Western America, explore the areas therein, and document the adventures. Taking only a few cameras, a bicycle, and a change of clothes, each stop on that route was a full day's worth of adventure. The train rides between destinations offered a chance to talk to other rail-travelers, recuperate, and actually enjoy the travel as much the destinations. Since then, he's continued taking monthly trips on passenger trains in the same spirit: plan light, pack light, do a lot. 

Check out Railpass for photo highlights from his trip, journal entries, and daily snapshots.