Guest Gallery: Erik Mathy / by Lucas Winzenburg

My friend Erik Mathy first picked up a camera when his mom handed him her Pentax K1000 back in high school. Photography quickly became an obsession for him and he decided to study photojournalism at the Rochester Institute Technology. Erik went on to work in the offices of Magnum NY, as a freelance snowboard photographer in Maine, and as a staffer on the 24 Hours in Cyberspace project, but ultimately took a long hiatus from photography, opting to ride bikes instead.

Years later, Erik picked up cameras again after meeting and being influenced by guys like Jason Boucher, Errin Vasquez, and Eric Benjamin. Most recently, Erik has been revisiting his first love by shooting entirely on 35mm film. He's happy to be capturing beautiful places on film while spending time with good friends. 

Find more of Erik's photos on his Exposure site, here.