Guest Gallery: Logan Watts / by Lucas Winzenburg

At some point during his tour through East Africa last year, Logan Watts started shooting portraits of the cyclists and people he met alongside the road. The result is a collection of beautiful images captured during his five months of traveling, and I’m so glad to be able to share some of them here.

Logan told me that among the hundreds of wonderful aspects of cycling around East Africa, the people are what made his trip special. It was not uncommon for someone to run out to the road to stop him and his wife Virginia, wanting to shake hands and to ask about their journey. 

Sharing the road with other cyclists turned out to be an unexpected source of joy and intrigue. In particular, Logan was fascinated with the bicycles he encountered and their many novel uses. On this subject, he observes:

In general, East Africans ride Chinese, steel, mass-fabricated bikes with double top tubes, single chain rings, and bolt on cranks. Most have some sort of reinforcement, decoration, or add-on made from wood or reclaimed materials. 

They are everywhere here. They are used for hauling loads (including live goats and chickens), commuting, farming, or anything else you can think of. Folks are proud of their bikes, especially the pedicabbies. They decorate and customize their trusty steeds with bells, mirrors, stickers, wire, beads, baskets, tape, ridiculous mud flaps… anything to attract attention.

I hope you'll enjoy this set of photos as much as I do.

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